Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Touch of Old Hollywood

This is my first "full" post, as the first one was just a snippet of a couple old photos I took with Instagram. I will try to link my items (if they're still available), just in case you find them worth coveting! I hope you enjoy.

A running theme with my blog will be "arm candy." Above are some of my favorite bracelets. From left: blue rhinestone bracelet (Francesca's), black & gold ball bracelet (Kate Spade), silver bead bracelet (Tiffany & Co.), and finally a bracelet I mistakenly found awhile ago (Nordstrom Rack, old). 
Lately, I have been trying to mix gold and silver accents together. I believe doing so makes each delicate and beautiful piece stand out on its own.
This necklace was a great find (Francesca's). I bought it, because I wanted a statement necklace, and I feel this one also has an old hollywood vibe. To compliment the accessory, I paierd my favorite actress and girl crush, Marilyn Monroe in the backdrop.
At the spur of the moment, I decided to take a photo of "what's in my bag." I always love looking at photos of other fashionistas' bags and accessories they use. They all give me inspiration! Bag (Louis Vuitton, Artsy MM), Wallet (Kate Spade), cosmetic case on left (Coach), compact case (vintage), leopard cosmetic case (Juice Couture), lip gloss (Bobbi Brown Brightening lip gloss in Nectar 6), lip balm (Burt's Bees), and finally a Spottie Dottie notebook still useable from when I was a child (Sanrio).

Typical mirror picture, but I tried to make it as class as possible. (: I paired a silver glitter belt (J. Crew) with this loose fitting sweater (Kensie). I think it adds a little more glamour with the necklace.
The complete look! I decided to wear grey leggings (Daily Legging, Victoria's Secret) with this outfit rather than the usual black, while keeping the hair natural and a bit messy. Although not the most photogenic, or at all, the LV helps my cause. I am also wearing brown riding boots
 (Lucky Brand, similar style found on Piperlime).

My mother and I are new at this. So, our pictures are not up to par, I'm sure. Neither of us are photographers or designers. Hopefully, though, we will learn over time!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arm Candy

Hello! This is my first blog post ever. The start of something new and exciting is always anxiety provoking but fun nonetheless. Let's see how this goes.. 

I am undoubtedly loving the "arm candy" trend that is happening currently! I love mixing & matching different styles and colors of bracelets - The more, the better! 

The two crystal bracelets were handmade by a friend of my mother's. While the other two are vintage from a local antique store, which were, to my surprise, only $1.50 each! This upcoming weekend definitely calls for another trip south to the antique mall.

The middle bracelet was a find at Francesca's during the Christmas season. I could not resist! This store has very cute, layer-worthy jewelry for very reasonable prices.