Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jet Setter

Jet Setter

H M leopard print top
$24 -

Boyfriend blazer

Tory Burch ballet flat

As I've mentioned in my previous post, I am heading to Colorado for the weekend to visit my lovely boyfriend! This will be my first time traveling ALONE on a plane (I have always traveled with someone else). Therefore, I am a little nervous. Although, I had quite a fun time deciding on what to wear to the airport!
I'll admit, I am a tad obsessed with looking at celebrities 'airport looks' and trying to recreate them on a daily basis. So, I actually had the advantage of creating a real airport look!
There are a few tips I've learned and decided when choosing an outfit for travel:
1). Minimal Jewelry - It's just easier in general to bring minimal jewelry on any short trip. Even though it is tempting to bring everything!
2). Layers - I am always cold or I'm hot. Therefore, I am bringing a blazer to wear over my blouse. I chose a blouse, because the sleeves can also be rolled up, and it is lightweight.
3). A large but functional bag - I love my Louis Vuitton Artsy, because it's classic, goes with everything, and can fit everything in it too! It's a good piece to bring, because unlike a large tote, I can bring my large, but beautiful (lol) bag to dinner, shopping, etc. on my trip!
4). Jeans - because they're comfortable but still put together. Leggings always work as well!
5). Flats - Easy to walk in and chic.
There's the long reasoning to why I chose this outfit.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, too!
xx Katrina


  1. Definitely sounds like you are prepared :) The first time I flew solo, it was nerve wracking, but after that it's actually nice to travel that way! Don't forget bubble gum if your ears pop too :P


    1. You're so sweet! Thanks, girl! I came back in one piece. So, that's always a good sign ;)

  2. cute look! Love the minimal look for traveling in an airport. It's great to have layers and easy to slip on (and off) shoes for that "fun" security check line. I traveled on a plane for a majority of my relationship when I first started to date my now husband. Long distance is not easy but when it works out, it's so amazing. =)


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