Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pony Parade

{Pony Blouse, Nordstrom; Black pants, H&M; Black Cardigan, Express; Black Flats, Tory Burch; Bag, Louis Vuitton; Bracelets, Tory Burch & Kate Spade NY}

A few months ago, I spotted this cute blouse at Nordstrom. I wanted it so bad, but I didn't want to spend the money. It was not too expensive, but I certainly didn't need anymore blouses (I'm a collector, I've been told). Anyway, Nordstrom was having their half-yearly sale, and I was browsing through the racks. Obviously, I had my hands full of amazing finds. All of them, I did not need. Then, shoved in the middle of the rack, there was THE blouse, and it was in my size! I was amazed and thought it was "meant to be" and had to get it! It was half off too!

The bold lip was a spur of the moment thing. It added a little color to my colorless ensemble. :)
xx Katrina


  1. How cute is this blouse?! So great when you wait for something and it's still there...and at half the price haha. Good call with the bold lip on a monochromatic outfit!

  2. Such a cute top - I love patterned blouses. You're hair looks really lovely braided like that :)



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