Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Closet Organization

I spent quite some time organizing my closet. Although, none of my pants, jackets, shoes or dresses fit in it.. Regardless of my over abundance of clothing items, I decided to share just a few tips that I find helpful with organizing my small walk-in closet!

 A tip I find extremely useful (and saves a lot of time in the morning) is color coordinating my tops. I also try to separate long sleeves and short sleeves. Then, the short sleeved tops wont become lost.

 I also found storage boxes at HomeGoods. So, my bags would stand up straight, and I can still see them. I put the ones I use less often on the top shelf and the ones I use closer to arms reach.

I used an old belt hanger to hang my scarves and crossbody bags. Then, they are easy to see and not folded and hidden in a storage container.

I believe adding a chandelier to any room (including a closet) can make any girl feel like a princess.
It is also fun to use shopping bags from your favorite designers to store items that you can't seem to part with.

Even though it is hard to see in the above photos, I decided to hang certain bags on pretty, fabric hangers. It saves room and also keeps the bags from falling over on the shelves.

I also picked up this closet organizer at HomeGoods. I love that I can fold my heavy sweaters, tanks, and clutches in it. This gives way more room than just hanging sweaters and tanks. Also, everything can be seen perfectly!

These hooks were found at Bed Bath & Beyond. I find them perfect for hanging dainty scarves, jewelry, and belts. Again, easy to see, and also brings a little character to my closet. I tried to color coordinate some of my items to make everything look a little prettier. :)
I think this is STAPLE for every closet, bedroom, or bathroom. This jewelry case holds all of my jewelry and then some. I love it, because the top opens with a mirror inside, and none of the jewelry becomes dusty. There are also separators for rings and earrings. The doors on the side have hooks for necklaces as well. The drawers are plentiful, which can help store other items, too.

 If something like this can't fit in your closet, which I am sure will happen when I move out of my parents' home, it can double as a night stand.

Finally, I put a pretty spin on a regular cork board. I like displaying cards, pictures, and little paper mementos on it. It brightens my day, and beats storing all these pretty things in a drawer.

I still need some more organizing ideas. If you have any, please let me know!
xx Katrina


  1. Love that I saw this is person recently !...but I still love that closet in your old house ;-)

  2. I'm so jealous of your closet! =)

    1. omg than you so much! I love your blog, btw :)
      xx Katrina


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