Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early Spring Arrival

Cardigan (Express, old), Scarf (Tory Burch), Bag (Kate Spade), Leggings (Victoria's Secret), T-Shirt (Target), Sunnies (Burberry, old), Rain Boots (not pictured, Burberry)

It has been so gorgeous in Chicago recently! I know it is a little early to expect this for the next month or so, but a few beautiful days is better than none! I wanted to take some shots outside, because the sunlight makes everything look so much better. It was a little windy yesterday, and my hair kept flying in my face, oh well!

I just recently got this bag online during the Kate Spade sample sale. I couldn't pass it up! It is so big, and fits everything I need. The saddle colored leather is breath-taking, in my opinion. 
I also returned my Burberry scarf, because it was unraveling (grr) and bought this Tory Burch wool scarf instead. It is so soft and beautiful. 
I'm cheesin' in the last picture, because I am so happy it's finally warmer out! ;)

Oh, and obviously I wanted to dress incredibly comfortable for a Monday. Why not? 
xx Katrina


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