Thursday, September 20, 2012

Engagement Celebration

We had an engagement celebration last Friday with brothers, sisters, grandparents, and the future wedding party! It was wonderful and such a great time. 
We cannot wait to start planning the big day!
Below is a very similar look to what I was wearing during the party. Rather than the gorgeous cross necklace shown below, I wore a dainty necklace that my father gave my mother for their first anniversary. It made the day that more special.

Engagement Look

Below are some snap shots from our lovely evening <3

A gorgeous gift from my maid of honor

Photos throughout the years displayed in the family room and kitchen

Amazingly beautiful rose arrangements made by my wonderful mother

Yummy flour-less chocolate cake

My mom put together the whole party, and she did such a fantastic job. I love my mom!

xx Katrina

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