Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall is in The Air

 {Sweater, Michael by Michael Kors; Floral Blouse, Nordstrom, here; Leggings, Victoria's Secret; Riding Boots, Lucky Brand; Bag, Louis Vuitton}

I have been waiting awhile for this day to arrive.. The day where I felt it was acceptable, and late enough in the year, to wear my riding boots! I've been looking at them for the past month, and I felt like today was an appropriate day to bust them out. To my dismay, the weather was pretty warm today in Chicago, and I probably did not need to wear them. However, it was cold in the morning when I took these pictures, and well, It's practically October!
Anyway, most comfy sweater EVER. It looks super cute belted too. Found this last year, and I'm glad I  found it in my pile of sweaters, because it's the perfect time of year to wear it!
The floral adds a touch of feminine and doesn't make the outfit look so winter-y (which I'm NOT looking forward to, btw).

Internship, school, and work have been crazy. I am trying to find a happy medium between balancing all of this, and still sharing my outfits on this blog. I either need better time management, or I need an extra day added to the week!
xx Katrina

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  1. Love those boots!

    Following your blog now! would love for you to follow me back (:


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