Monday, May 21, 2012

Disney Princess

Blouse (Nordstrom Rack), Skinnies (A&F), Skinny Belt (Tory Burch, here), Bag (Louis Vuitton Artsy, MM), Patent Leather Flats (Coach), Silver Ring (Tiffany & Co.), Other Rings (Vintage, Handmade), Bracelets (From Boutiques in Colorado and Vintage), Sunnies (Burberry)

The title of this post isn't saying that I am a Disney princess (Although, wouldn't that be amazing?!), but rather my blouse has a Cinderella theme on it! There are little pictures of a prince and princess, carriage, and little mice! I'm in love with this blouse. I bought it this weekend at the Rack. I could NOT leave without it. 
I also just ordered this Tory Burch belt from Nordstrom a week or so ago, and I love it.. It makes a simple t-shirt and jeans looks so sophisticated. I love that belts are back in style now!

I find myself gravitating more towards casual, simple outfits, almost always, unless I have a special event to attend. When stalking numerous fashion blogs, I envy their dressy looks (i.e., Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, LOVE!), but I have recently come to embrace my every day, girl-next-door style. 

Do you consider yourself to have more of a dressy style or casual?

xx Katrina

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