Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekly Wish List & Summer Fun

From Left:

I may go shopping tomorrow, and there are a few items I had my eye on this week! I love the new Rebecca Minkoff color block wallets. There are different color combinations, and I want them all! has a ton to choose from. I may end up ordering one tonight. haha
I have also been really interested in cat eye sunglasses. I already have two pairs of nice sunglasses, but I love how classic and chic these look! 
In a previous post I mentioned needing a watch. Unfortunately, there are many I love, and they are extremely expensive. I am not much of a watch person. So, I can't justify some of these price tags. However, this particular one from Kate Spade is soo lovely. I would love to see it in person. I also LOVE how there are actual numbers, which makes it so much easier to read (Yes, I can be a huge air head sometimes). 
Finally, I have been in love with any Burberry button up since forever. One day I will make the purchase.. Maybe.

Today my doggy, Milo and I had a lot of bonding time! We went for a lovely walk with my friend, Mary. Then, we all went and got ice cream and went into a doggy store. She even bought him a poodle shaped cookie! He received so much attention from other people, and it definitely wore him out!
Top (Target, Old), Mint Shorts (F21, similar here), Flip Flops (A&F, here and the most comfortable flip flops ever, ever, ever!), Necklace (Tiffany & Co.)

Studded Shoes (Sam Edelman)

Nail Polish (OPI, I'm Indi-a Mood For Love)

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend :)

xx Katrina

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  1. Suuuuch a cute pup! So curly :D And I totally hear you on the watch front; I bought my first nice watch last summer and it's been my best investment. I always neeeeed to know the time and always had terrible cheap watches, but since I splurged on my Guess watch I couldn't be happier. Definitely go for the Kate Spade!!



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