Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Internship Look

Oasis button down shirt, $60
Pink cardigan, $33
Whistles cropped pants, £95
J Crew ballet flat, $190
Dooney bourke handbag, $268
AK Anne Klein water resistant watch, $65

I have less than three weeks until I start my internship, and I am already thinking of outfits to wear! I am a nerd, I know! The dresscode is business casual. So, the first day, I will go for something low key, and see what sort of reactions are received. I'll be working at an agency, and I do not want to look overdressed or make my clients feel uncomfortable around me.
I want to wear a simple black trouser (you can't go wrong with black) and ballet flats. I thought these peach ones from J.Crew were just adorable. I am also really big into sleeveless blouses lately.. meaning I have bought a handful over the past few weeks. haha Although inappropriate to wear alone, I would pair the blouse with a fun cardigan. I have been eying this particular one at Target recently. However, I can't justify spending over $30 for a cardigan at Target. Hey, I can be frugal sometimes!
Awhile back I bought a satchel from Kate Spade on one of their online same sales, and I will probably use that bag on my first day. The satchel can fit a whole binder in it and more! I purposely searched for a bag that could fit a binder/notebook, my overly large daily planner, and all of my daily needs in it. I spotted the bag above by Dooney & Bourke, and it is a great option as well (now I want it! haha).
Finally, I need to invest in a watch. I have been looking around, and I just can't seem to buy one. I don't use a watch.. I have my phone, I work at an office, and I always have a clock near me at school or at home, but I need to see the time for sessions. So, I will have to buy one eventually. 
Luckily, my mom briefly explained that she has a watch that belonged to my great grandmother. It just needs another battery. Hopefully I can get a battery for it and use that one! I am excited :)

I hope everyone is having a nice week! Tuesday's aren't very "happy," but at least it is almost the middle of the week!
I can't wait to watch the White Sox game tonight and drink some Moscato with my dad (although he doesn't drink Moscato haha).

xx Katrina



  1. Love that internship look!

    So cute!


  2. Haha! I totally do the EXACT same thing when planning what to wear the first day of an internship. I think its great that you plan ahead. And if you wear that, you will most likely be the best dressed, lovely picks!



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