Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Sequin Top (Old, Nordstrom Rack), Neon Pink Cardigan (J.Crew), White Jeans (Tory Burch), Gold & Silver Woven Belt (Steve Madden), Grey Shoes (T.J. Maxx, Old), Sunnies (Chanel, seen in like every former photo haha), Necklace and Neon Pink Bangle (Antiques), Silver Bracelet (Juicy Couture), Diamond Striped Tote (Rebecca Minkoff, Here)

Sorry for slacking on the posts this past week. I was in Colorado visiting my boyfriend, FINALLY seeing him after about seven months. It was wonderful :) Pics of that soon to arrive!

I was in a neon mood the day before I left last week. I meant to post these before my flight, but I ran out of time. Mostly, because I felt the need to pack my entire wardrobe and then some. My suitcase was 49 lbs, and needless to say, the largest one of the group.. Hey, I wanted to look cute for my man!

I thought the mixing of neon pink and yellow looked awesome together, and the white pants just made everything pop more. I threw this outfit together at the last minute before my LAST day of classes for the semester. I was in a good mood :) 
Four weeks off school. Then, I start summer semester and my internship. However, June is also when my boyfriend comes home on leave! Hurry up, June!!

My mom also did a wonderful fishtail braid for me. She's so great with hair :]

Are you all excited for summer? Warmer weather needs to arrive and stay in Chicago!
xx Katrina 


  1. Such a fun bag! Stripes and neon?! Perfect summer combination. Loving how you did your hair, looks so lovely :)


    1. Thank you!!! I found it on sale at Nordstrom, and I just HAD to buy it (lol). Also, thank you for the compliment about my hair. Just one of the perks for having a mom as a hairstylist ;)
      xx Katrina

  2. Work it girl! Lovin the bag and especially the fishtail! <3



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